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There are more than 22 commodities available for trading
Energy, agriculture and metals
Spot CF Ds and futures CF Ds
Leverage up to 500 times
As low as zero point difference
High liquidity

We offer a flexible and simple way to participate in the world's most popular commodities trading, including energy and metals, through the HT5 trading platform.

Commodity markets are attractive to speculators because they are vulnerable to changes in supply and demand.


Able to trade dollar-denominated spot energy contracts including crude oil, Brent and natural gas on HT5 platform.

Trading energy contracts as a spot product has many advantages for investors interested only in price speculation.

Precious metals

Allow trading of spot precious metals, including gold against the US dollar or euro, silver against the US dollar or euro, and platinum or platinum against the US dollar, at 1:500 leverage.

Soft commodities

In addition to energy and metals contracts, we offer a range of soft commodity trades, including contracts for difference in corn, soybeans, sugar, coffee and wheat - all of which have low spreads and leverage ratios of up to 1:100.

trading commodities??

Commodities cover energy, agriculture and metal products. These products are traded on futures markets and draw their value from supply and demand.

Supplies include weather conditions for agriculture and the cost of mining and energy extraction.

Demand for goods tends to be characterized by broader conditions, such as economic cycles and population growth. Commodities can be traded as standalone products or in pairs.

Metals and energy are traded against mainstream currencies, while agricultural futures contracts are traded as separate contracts.

Example of commodity trading

Buy: Wheat
Your trading gross profit is calculated as follows:
Make the warehouse price
$435.25 * 100 contracts * 4 = USD $174,100
GuanCang price
$460 * 100 contracts * 4 = USD $184,000
Gross trading profit
USD $184,000 - $174,100 = $9,900
Open positions
Wheat_N7 is currently trading at 434.00435.25 and you expect crops on the east coast of Australia to be affected by adverse weather patterns in the coming year, which will result in lower than average crop yields.
You bought 100 wheat contracts (4 bushels contracts) at 435.25 or $174,100 (435.25 100 4). (4 Bushels per contract) at 435.25 which equals USD 174,100 (435.25 100 4)
Your research on weather conditions is correct. Low wheat production this year caused wheat prices to rise to 460.00/462.15. You sold the contract at 460.