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Meta Trader for Android 4
The lowest market spread is 0.0 points
Super fast command execution
The depth of liquidity in the interbank market
You can access your trading account from anywhere

We offer Android version of HT5. These two trading platforms can make it easier for traders to log into their accounts.

Our Android version of the operating system gives you unparalleled trade execution speed and competitive point spreads. It features one-click transactions on multiple screens and customizable layouts. With complete access to trading history data and advanced mapping tools, traders can manage their own accounts, trade all the trading products offered by the platform, and use more than 30 indicators for market analysis.

Related system Requirements

Android 4.0 or higher

Trade through Android!

The characteristics of

Real-time foreign exchange and CFD quotes
A complete set of transaction sheets, 包括市场挂单
Trade directly on the icon
All types of execution modes are supported
See the full transaction history
Live interactive charts with zoom and scroll functions
More than 30 kinds of technical indicators
A variety of time periods can be used to analyze market price movements
3 kinds of charts to choose from: bar chart, candle chart, line chart
Adjustable set of technical indicators


Concise user guide interface
The trading level and volume are displayed on the icon
Offline mode (prices and chart symbols)
You can download the free software directly from the Android market
Open an account with HT5 for Android